About Us

Irish chefs Georgia and Daniel are classically trained and have worked alongside industry leaders both here and abroad. They have experiences from working in some of Ireland’s best restaurants, notably Michelin Starred restaurant Campagne and Bib Gourmand restaurant Thyme. Daniel has trained with world famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon and have both attended a chocolate masterclass from highly credited world chocolate master Vincent Valeé. 

“We are delighted to share with you our own unique style and love for chocolate”
- Georgia and Daniel 


Georgia and Daniel have been brought up with a love of food which has been passed on from both of their fathers having culinary backgrounds, and from their mother's comforting home cooking. This sparked their passion to study to become chefs. Since meeting each other back in 2016, they’ve dreamed of having a business of their own. They had plans to travel and work abroad but like many others, their plans were crushed by the pandemic. With that, the opportunity to start their own business came up. This gave them the push to turn their passion into a business and even though such a tough time, they have been a growing success.

Their passion for chocolate and ambition to create something spectacular makes a memorable experience for their customers